Episode NINE

Are Nick and B done? As the Ruskies would say: “NINE”

We return with a great new show.

We will discuss how it’s always the drummer.

Nick thinks Mario Lopez is Samoan.

B and Nick look to start the next viral sensation. Will “The Dart Challenge” take off? Only time will tell.

B was going to write some more, but as evidenced by nobody noticing episode 8’s hilarious typo-nobody reads the show notes.

Nick and B Ate

Nick and B celebrate the New Year. In honour of episode eight, they list off things they Ate. Nick resolves to be 25% less offensive. Can you guess how many people/groups he then offends over the course of the episode? In a commitment to fans, we decide to honour a request from L. Thompson and Mike T. to not use both first and last names on our podcast. We discuss efficiency in Japan, the Buffalo Bills, Donald Tump’s lunch, and a good story about that time Nick and I lived with a certain Harry Potter lookalike. 

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Nick and B in 7th Heaven

B comes to visit Nick. We are both in the same room. We discuss our #broday of drinking cider and almost dying in a parking lot. We discuss our favourite Christmas TV Specials. Nick has a new segment you won’t even believe until you listen to. This Episode fueled by rum and cokes and Chicago mix. Sorry about the ice machine noise, but it’s necessary.

Nick and B rep #The6ix

If there’s one thing that Nick and B always be doin, it’s repping #The6ix

In this Episode:

B eats some humble pie

Nick explains why he keeps his child in a $300 box

Nick and B talk their favourite Caribbean Jerk Spots

B introduces, then Nick offends, and probably irreparably damages his professional relationship with our new sponsor: The Book Lady (in Fenelon Falls- please please please buy some books)

Nick explains Christmas- and to reduce the amount of anticipated hate mail, B learns how to edit podcasts.

To make Christmas happy again, B reviews one of the many W Christmas movies he has watched so far.

Nick trades secret Santa gifts with randoms from the internet.

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Shop from The Book Lady in Fenelon Falls

#5 is Alive!

Nick and B dissect some listener feedback. We may or may not have been too hard on a loyal friend.

We discuss the possibility of an August 2018 baby boom caused by the feelings this podcast stirs up.

We debate Hollywood movies, and their impact on our child and adult lives.

And even though it was an odd request from Hovinga, we decided not to make any jokes about his mom.

Nick and B Episode 4: Korean Beef!

In Episode 4 we really dig into some Korean Beef.

We also discuss blood feuds, robot voices, and blood feuds caused by robot voices.

We expose an evil company, B gets sued by a widow, and we check up with some iconic Canadian Bands.

Nick and B have been friends for like 25 years. Nick moved to Stirling in grade 6 and met B where we became friends.
We discuss adventures and friends from Stirling Senior School, Bayside Secondary and Trent Univsersity.
We also offer commentary on current events, sports, and pretty much anything else we want to discuss.
At least we think we are funny, and although we may offend you, it’s not really our intent.
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